Trmice CHP Plant – gas boiler room, NOX and SO2 emission abatement

The new gas boiler room is designed to produce and supply superheated steam to a high-pressure boiler and connects to the existing steam distribution system in the coal boiler room. The medium-pressure gas boiler room consists of four large-volume gas boilers for steam production with a steam superheater and a flue gas exchanger to save energy and reduce CO emissions. The operation of the boiler room is not permanently manned. The boilers are fitted with low-emission burners that have emission limits of NOX up to 75 mg/NmX and CO up to 40 mg/Nm3. As a result, they report levels well below current emission limits in order to accommodate more stringent conditions in the coming years.

Intensification and reconstruction of semi-dry desulphurisation and NOx emission abatement by installing Low Dust SCR Tail-End technology at the Trmice CHP Plant. The total amount of flue gas is 800,000 Nm3/h, with projected guaranteed parameters of emissions of SO2 emissions up to 130 mg/Rm3 and NOx up to 175 mg/Rm3.

Client: ČEZ, a. s.
Implementation period: 09/2017 – 02/2022